EFX Motoravage XL Tires - 1000 Mile Review

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EFX Motoravage XL Tires - 1000 Mile Review

I've had the EFX Motoravage XLs on my Turbo R for just over 1000 miles. I figured now was a good time to post a follow up review.

Traction: For Colorado terrain, I give them a solid 8 out of 10. They excel at loose steep rocky and pebbly terrain like we have a lot of here. They also grip quite well on granite, light mud and snow (we don't get much mud here in Colorado, despite a whole season in the mountains named "mud season" :) ). They aren't fantastic on gravel roads but they are good enough and much better than the Coyotes I had on my Turbo S. I haven't had them out to Moab yet, but I would not expect them to be the top tire in Moab due to sacrificing contact patch for the aggressively spread out tread blocks. FWIW, for snow, the best tires I ever had were the STI Roctane X2s.

Wear: I have to give them a 9 for wear. Not because they aren't showing signs of wear, in fact they have lost a lot of rubber, but because the tread blocks are SO deep, there is EASILY another 1000 miles left in them.

Durability: I'm hesitant to give them a number rating because I think tire durability is comprised of 4 components:
1. Tire construction. The EFX Motoravage XL is an 8 Ply radial tire, that is pretty standard and I would say these tires are above average in toughness.
2. Keeping the tires aired up to at least ~12psi or higher in Colorado (this one is on the user)
3. Being careful and watching for tire hazards like sharp rocks sticking out on the sides of the trail. (this one is on the user too)
4. Luck! I've seen every tire make and model destroyed in one way or another but there are definitely a few tires out there that stand out as weak like the Maxxis Big Horns (AKA Big Holes) and a few others. The EFX Motoravage seem to be at least on par with the better tire models/brands out there.

I've had two issues in 1000 miles. The first time I had a problem was up by Breckenridge on a very tame trail where they were clearing a lot of beetle killed dead trees. Basically just fresh cut fire roads. I discovered a small hole on the outside corner of the tread. I was able to put 1 plug in that tire and haven't had a problem out of that tires since. I must have just run over something pretty sharp. The second issue I take blame for. I probably hadn't checked my tire pressure in 3 months or more and the tire pressure had leaked down over time. I ran over a rock at a slow speed but it hit the front tire hard enough to cause a nasty pinch flat about 3 inches along the beadlock. I nursed it back to the trailer with plugs and frequent air compressor stops but the tire did have to be replaced. Otherwise they have survived a lot of really sharp rocky terrain in Colorado for 1000 miles+.

Looks: I give them a 10 but I realize this is completely subjective so I'll let you make that call.

Would I buy them again and recommend them: Definitely. I probably won't buy them again just because I like to try different tires so I can post first hand reviews like this one but I like the tire A LOT and they have been great overall. Only 1 destroyed tire in 1000 plus trail miles is pretty good IMO, even if it was my own fault.

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