Zbroz Dual rate spring kit install on our '22 RZR Turbo R Dynamix

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Zbroz Dual rate spring kit install on our '22 RZR Turbo R Dynamix

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A couple of months ago, I installed a Zbroz dual rate spring kit on our RZR Turbo R. I figured I would post up my experience here in case it helps anyone else out. This write up should apply to both 2 and 4 seat RZR Turbo R and Pro R machines with Dynamix or Walker Evans shocks.

Overall the install was pretty painless. I used the endless ratchet straps that I had ordered through USARatchet.com.
1 - 1/2" x 5' Endless Wide Handle Ratchet Strap
USA-R3605E (no affiliation)

I highly recommend these exact ratchet straps for this job. 1.5" is the perfect trade off between strength and size. I found 2" straps won't fit though the springs very well and 1" straps are too weak. Also, it is easy to put a rag between the ratchet and springs to protect the springs from getting scratched up. With the metal paws on traditional spring compressors, they tend to nick up the powder coat on the springs and sometimes the paws are too big to fit in between the coils.

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Before you get started, do yourself a favor and wash your machine. Especially wash the threads on the shock bodies and then spray the threads and preload collars with some WD40 to make them easy to turn later.

Disclaimer: there is always some danger to compressing coil springs. Use these techniques outlined below at your own risk. When you release the ratchet straps, make sure everything is clear of the springs! They will pop hard and anything in their way is at risk. It is strongly recommended to ratchet the straps back out instead of popping them. Don't compress anything more than you have to to accomplish the task.

I pretty much followed the directions that came with the Zbroz kit with one major exception. On previous RZRs, where the shocks mount to the upper A-arm, it was a no-brainer to leave the upper shock bolt installed while you installed the springs. On the Pro R and Turbo R, the front shocks mount to the lower A-arms. For this reason, the directions say to unbolt the shocks from the upper shock mounts in the front so that you can get the shocks out of the machine and out of the way of the upper A-arm. There's not enough room to get the springs off or on over the lower fork without getting the shock outside of the upper A-arm. With the Dynamix, you also have to disconnect the two wiring harnesses to the Dynamix solenoids to remove the shock completely.

The upper shock bolt is not easy to get to and neither are the Dynamix connectors. I realized that with the ratchet straps, I could probably compress the shock enough to get the lower portion of the shock out of the upper A-arm. This allows you to leave the upper shock bolted in and the Dynamix connected. This should save a good bit of time and frustration that taking the front shocks out completely would cause.

I first unbolted the upper knuckle and pulled the boll joint out as the Zbroz directions described. Unbolt the lower end of the shock at the lower A-arm. Next use the two ratchet straps to compress the front spring enough to remove the lower spring cup/retainer. Then take one ratchet strap and loop it around the top of the shock and down through the springs and around the lower (fork) end of the shock. You can use the ratchet strap to compress the shock enough to pull it up and out of the upper A-arm but still leave the top attached.

(note here how I looped the lower shock fork with the ratchet straps. The suspension needs to be at full droop so the A-arms are as far down as possible allowing you to pulll the lower shock out and away from the machine with clearance to remove the old springs and add the new ones)
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Be careful here looping the strap over the shock and avoiding the Dynamix wires. The strap will try to slip off the top of the shock here so be careful when you start cranking the ratchet. You don't want that strap to slip off the top and rip off your Dynamix connectors!
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Here you can see the lower shock fork out of the upper A-arm. Now you have room to get the springs off and on. At this point, you will load the new spring pack and divider on, then compress the shock without the lower spring cup on to get the lower shock fork back into the upper A-arm. Then compress the springs with the ratchet straps to get the cup back on. Then bolt the lower fork back onto the lower A-arm. The ratchet straps are also very useful for taking load off of the preload collars for fine tuning ride height later. If you have your shocks cleaned up, and you use the straps to take the load off the pre-load collars, you shouldn't even need spanner wrenches for this project.
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I put the Zbroz stickers on over the fox stickers on the reservoirs. If I had it to do over again, I would remove the Fox stickers first or just not put the Zbroz stickers on and leave the Fox stickers alone. The Zbroz stickers are larger than the Fox stickers, if you look closely at the pic below, you can see why you need to remove the Fox stickers first before putting on the Zbroz stickers.
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Other than this, I just stuck to the Zbroz install instructions. The rear shocks were much easier. Just use the ratchet straps whenever needed. I used the Zbroz baseline settings for the pre-load and crossover ring settings and the ride height ended up just right with no fine tuning needed.
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