AA 2016-20 Polaris XPT/Turbo S/2018-22 RS1 Secondary Clutch - Unloaded with Snap Ring Delete

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Fits 2016-20 RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S Models 2 & 4 Seat, 2018-22 RS1 Models


For those looking to replace their factory 2016-20 Turbo/2018-22 RS1 secondary clutch. Available bare (no helix or spring) or loaded with AA helix and spring. Must already have primary adjustable clutching if choosing loaded with AA helix and spring. Contact us if you need to order primary clutching or see the appropriate S4 clutch kit for your model if a replacement primary clutch is also needed.

 Benefits of clutches loaded with AA components: 


  • Our custom cut helix will give you better power to the wheels on 2017-18 models because of the slightly steeper angle.   All models will see a more consistent RPM sweep.  Factory helixes start off steep, then go shallower on the top end.  For turbo machines, this is completely backwards. We run a straight angle as changing the load on a heavy machine in the middle of a shift can cause some issues.  Basically, 2016 helixes were too steep and therefor had belt issues, 2017 helixes went MUCH shallower and the performance to the wheels suffers.  We found just the right angle to make everything happy with great belt life and great performance.
  • Torsion Anti-Chatter Kit: Upgrades to a complete secondary converted to a Torsion style spring and helix. The main benefit is better belt grip with the Torsion spring that gains rate as it shifts. Constant pressure against the helix buttons for less annoying secondary clutch chatter which also extends the life of the buttons. You'll also notice smoother engagement which is excellent for those crawling. Secondary bushing comes peened over to prevent walking out. The Torsion kit slightly limits top speed and should be used with the AA primary clutch limiter. 80-85 MPH top speed for most models.
  • Kits work great with both stock or modified machines
  • A must-have when tuning your RZR turbo
  • A must-have when running larger tires or paddles
  • Huge acceleration gains
  • Wicked throttle response when on & off the throttle
  • More efficient power transferred to the wheels
  • More consistent clutch performance
  • Cooler running belt temps (especially when running larger tires or paddles!)
  • Longer belt and clutch life
  • Please see helix options below:
  • Performance Helix 1031/Torsion 1026: Aggressive holeshot helix. This helix works excellent for the listed setups and has a more aggressive shift angle from 0-25 MPH over the 1024 performance helix.  This is best for holeshots and aggressive riders that are trail riding, dune riding, racing, and drag racing. This setup will still crawl good when needed, but if your riding is more slow speed/crawling, we'd suggest the 1024 helix or 1032 Torsion helix.
    • 2017-2020 2 seat XPT & Turbo S: Works well with 28-32" Tires / 28-32" paddles.
    • 2016 XPT: Only helix we recommend for ALL 2016 models (due to lower gearing) unless running larger than 33" tires.
    • 2018+ RS1: Works well with 27-32" tires and is what 90% of users will want.
  • Performance Helix 1024: The only difference over the 1031 performance helix is the shift angle from 0-25 MPH is slightly less aggressive. This makes it better for crawling and those slow speed situations, but it still pulls like crazy when needing to accelerate hard.  A great all around helix choice.
    • 2017-2020 2 or 4 seat XPT & Turbo S: Works well with 28-33" Tires/paddles.
  • High Load Helix 1021/Torsion 1032:  If you are using very large/heavy tires, the high load helix might be the choice for you. The high load helix is recommended for those turning heavy 32-35" tires.  This angle slows the shift down to help act like it's "gearing down" the secondary clutch.  This helps not over shift and cause belt slip in those higher load situations.  If you mostly use your RZR to crawl and/or have heavier 32-35" tires you may want to use this helix.  If you have a heavy 4 seat and running 32" paddles, this would also be a good helix for you. 
    • 2017-2020 2 seat XPT/Turbo S: Works well with 34-35" Tires.
    • 2017-2020 4 seat XPT: Works well with 32-35" tires / 32" paddles.
    • 2018+ RS1: Works well with 34" or bigger tires and 31-32" paddles. The high load helix can be used with any tire size 29" and greater if you are just after belt life and performance is not your priority. The performance angle can still be used with the larger tires and paddles if all out performance is what you are after, just keep in mind belt life will be less than with our high load setup.
  • We'd HIGHLY recommend using our Snap Ring Delete Kit on 2016-2020 models.
  • Don't forget a new belt and we have the Worlds Best Belt by Gboost (our Stryker)
  • PN Bare: 108-1065-A
  • PN Loaded: 108-1065-B