AA 2022-Up RZR Pro-R 4 Cylinder Custom Cut Helix

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  • Fits ONLY 2022-Up RZR Pro-R 4 Cylinder Models
  • Greatly increases rear wheel horsepower transfer based on our custom angle.  The OEM helix angle is mild and we found some big gains without losing belt grip.
  • The AA helix has MUCH less roller/ratcheting noise when going from load to unload on the driveline.  Our roller pocket is smaller and without the EBS notch (don't worry they still have great engine braking, especially in low).  This also helps extend secondary clutch roller life.
  • Works with your AA S2 Clutch Kit to make it an S3 Clutch Kit
  • Adds acceleration and performance
  • Most will purchase this if they have the S2 kit and are looking to complete the S3 package
  • Weights must be adjusted to run this helix (see S3 setup on setup sheet)
  • Works well with tire sizes 32" to 37" and paddles 30" to 33"
  • A must-have when running larger tires or paddles
  • Currently this is our performance angle.  No high load angle has been needed as the large ratio clutches have no problem running this helix from 32-37" tires.
  • The only special tool needed is our Compression Tool #1 
  • Part Number: 107-1072