AA RZR Turbo Billet Wastegate Kit

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  • Kit fits 2016-2021 RZR Turbo, Turbo S & 2020-Up Pro XP/Turbo R Models
  • The standard 5-11psi wastegate kit is adjustable from 5.5psi to 8psi with the installed spring and also includes an optional 7-11psi spring.  This works excellent for those needing a little more crack pressure than can be achieved with the OEM wastegate, especially in higher altitudes.  
  • The 5-8 psi wastegate spring that comes in the actuator kit allows you to easily adjust for those running our tunes that require the crack pressure to be at 6.5-7psi
  • Factory crack pressure is 5.5psi and unlike others on the market, the 5-11psi actuator kit can be set to a true stock PSI setting so you don't get over boost when setting up your wastegate on a stock RZR.  
  • Great replacement for your worn out wastage actuator.  As springs age and with more run time, they wear out.  This may cause a low boost condition resulting in less power and more heat created.
  • We also have a 7-18psi wastegate kit that has a 7-11psi actuator spring, with an optional 14-18psi spring.  This should only be used for custom applications where the tune is built for the higher pressure actuator. 
  • Easy to adjust crack pressure when or if needed.
  • Installation is not hard but normally takes 1 to 1.5 hours. This Requires loosening the turbo bracket and removing the oil feed/drain line from the turbo.  Instructions included.
  • We highly suggest adding our wastegate pressure pump to properly set this valve up to the correct crack pressure
  • If running AA tunes, see the tune product description as it will list proper crack pressure needed with tunes (If not listed, 5.5-6psi is standard)
  • See the instructions HERE
  • 5 to 11 PSI Actuator Kit Part Number:  115-1009
  • 7 to 18psi Actuator Kit Part Number:  115-1010