Can-Am Maverick X3 2017+ Suspension Bolt Upgrade Kit

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We finally got a Can-Am added to our bolt kit inventory! This works on all years and all sub models of Maverick X3!

This kit is made to replace all of the improperly shanked bolts that Can-Am used on the suspension of these UTVs.

This kit includes grade 10.9 M12 bolts for all of the following:

       - All 8 shock bolts. Front / Rear Upper & Lower (if you purchase the kit with shock bolts. We are offering this without shock bolts for those who have limit straps and have longer bolts already.) 

       - All 6 outer radius rod bolts. Chassis side

       - All 4 front upper control arm bolts & 2 Lower Arm Rear Bolts!

       - Both trailing arm mounts on the chassis. 

       - All 4 rear knuckle mounts on the trailing arms.

       - 2 Outer Tie Rod Bolts. ( Getting rid of the cotter pin. With the all metal top locking stover nut, it won’t come lose if you tighten the bolts correctly & use Loctite.)

       - Also included are all new yellow zinc coated hardened washers & all metal top locking nuts (not nyloc nuts like other kits)

***This kit DOES NOT include the bolts that are connected together with a metal plate. (Lower front arm front bolt. 6 inner radius rods.*** 

This kit was created out of demand from our customers who needed the proper bolts so they could rely on their machines down the road. You may not notice issues now but all of these problems are long term and once problems appear the repair bill to fix it is going to be more than the cost of this kit!! 


The issue with the oem bolts is that the shank length is too short!!  
With suspension components you always want a bolts shank to go through both sides of the mounts for that piece of suspension. Thus putting all of the load onto the strongest part of the bolt which is the shank! By not having a bolts shank that’s long enough to go all the way through both sides of the mounts it puts the load of your impacts onto the weakest part of the bolt, which is where the bolt changes from shank to threads! Over time this will start to wallow/oblong out the side of your mounts that has only threads and not shank through it. Ultimately creating even more play than is originally there and the problems will only compound from there! Bent bolts, broken bolts, bent suspension components, the list goes on and on! 
Don’t let this happen to your machine! 



Bolts will be longer than stock, this is the only way to get the shank to be the correct length. Bolts can easily be trimmed down if you have a cutoff wheel and grinder.  

Current estimated lead time on these kits is 3 business days.