CFMoto Zforce 950 Rear Radius Rod Bulkhead Reinforcement Bracket (All Models)

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                   CFMoto Zforce 950 (All sub models)                               Rear Radius Rod Bulkhead Reinforcement Bracket


Here is our newest product in our Zforce line! This is a reinforcement bracket for the 4 inner radius rod bolts. What this does is adds an additional structural layer to your rear bulkhead area. By connecting these 4 points you’re increasing the structural integrity of the mounting points in case of a crash, or very hard hit to the rear suspension. 

This bracket paired up with our Radius Rods will make your rear suspension nearly bombproof! 

You can also order this with our NEW rear differential support mount that bolts up to the same 4 bolts that the radius rod bracket bolts too! So you can order each one of these individually or bundle them together and save a little bit. 

CNC Cut from 1/8” cold rolled steel, then powder coated with a high quality satin black powder. Also available raw if you’d like to do your own custom color!