CFMoto Zforce 950 HO EX or Non EX: Engine / Diff / Steering Rack Mounting Bolt Upgrade Kit

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This is our full bolt upgrade kit for all of the major mounting bolts on the CFMoto Zforce 950. This includes all of the models, HO, HO EX, Sport. All of these bolts come stock as 8.8 bolts which for high use and rough riding applications won’t be strong enough. Eventually we will see many of these bolts fail.  These bolts will be available soon as individual kits if you would like to only purchase specific ones. But our full kit is by far the best value and highly recommended by us to replace all of these bolts! 

This kit includes bolts for the front & rear differential mounts, the engine mounts, and the steering rack mounting bolts, as well as the 4 bolts holding on the rear radius rod mounting plate! All of these can and will see high load and heavy stress during use! 

All of the hardware will be separated out into bags individually labeled as to where each bolt goes. 

All bolts are grade 10.9 and either yellow zinc or clear zinc coated to prevent rust and corrosion over time. All of the washers used are high quality hardened with high carbon washers, and the nuts when used are all metal top locking stover nuts which are shown to hold their torque longer than almost any other type of nuts. They will hold their torque much better than the OEM nuts. 

All bolts are sourced from only the top bolt manufactured worldwide and are all tested to meet all industry standards.


We recommend using anti seize on all bolts that have a smooth shank/shoulder but not on bolts that are all threads. We also recommend using red loctite on bolts when a nut is being used and blue loctite when it is threading into a tapped piece such as the bottom rear diff bolts! 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and we will get you taken care of! 

Typical lead time is 3 days but may be longer due to circumstances out of our control, such as shipping delays from bolt suppliers.