CFMoto Roll Cage Bung Kit.

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Only CFMoto Roll Cage Weld Bung Kit On the Market!

This is a full weld bung kit to do a roll cage for a CFMoto Zforce!! They are designed to be used with 1.75” .095 DOM or Chromoly tubing! 

*This comes with 3 pairs of weld bungs for you CFMoto roll cage!*

We went to build our own roll cages for the CFMoto UTVs and could not find any weld bungs anywhere!! So we had to get creative and actually find our own! We figured we would offer them to all of you as well!


Don’t cut up your stock cage to build your new cage! Each cage kit comes with 6 identical bungs. 

**PLEASE Do Not attempt to modify your cage or build your own cage if you’re not experienced in cage building!!**