DRT RZR Pro XP 2020+ Radius Rod Plate

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The DRT Motorsports Polaris RZR Pro XP Radius Rod plate is a must for strengthening the rear suspension of your Pro XP. The DRT Pro XP Radius Rod plate is built with thicker material and tighter tolerances than the factory radius rod plate. This helps to reduce stress on your radius rod bolts, prevent failures, and tighten your rear suspension.

  • Fits 2020+ Polaris RZR Pro XP all models
  • Easy Installation with no drilling required
  • Strengthens the rear end of your RZR with tighter tolerances and better materials
  • Pre-drilled License plate holes
  • Designed to be used without the rear exhaust cover Polaris PN: 5455181-070. To reuse cover, drilling and tapping radius rod plate is required.
  • Powder coated semi-gloss black finish


2020+ Polaris
RZR Pro XP, 2 and 4 door models