Factory UTV Polaris RZR Pro UHMW Rock Sliders

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Polaris RZR Pro UHMW Rock Sliders.
Fits: (2020 – 2022+)  Pro XP: LE, Premium, Ultimate, Sport.
Fits: (2022+)  Pro R: Premium, Ultimate, Sport.

Factory UTV, the first name in UTV protection introduces their UHMW Rock Sliders for the RZR Pro.
**Complete set of 2 Rock Sliders** (1 pair)
3/8 or 1/2″ inch thick UHMW.

Polaris RZR Pro UHMW Rock Sliders

Polaris RZR Pro UHMW Rock Sliders.
Fits: (2020 – 2022+)  Pro XP, LE, Premium, Ultimate, sport.
Fits: (2022+)  Pro R: Premium, Ultimate, Sport.


Factory UTV, the first name in UTV undercarriage protection introduces another industry first with their UHMW Rock Sliders for the Polaris RZR Pro. These sliders are constructed from ultra tough UHMW, providing that rugged yet very slick UHMW protection to your vulnerable and exposed RZR rocker panels. These can  run with or without our skid plates and give you the protection you need without robbing you of that much needed ground or side clearance. The UHMW Pro Rock sliders offer a new mounting platform than some of our other models, the new mounting bracket securely bolts to the existing “nerf bar” or “tree kicker” locations, and provides additional rocker support behind your guards, making for one of the strongest rocker panel protection systems we’ve offered to date. Combine them with our UHMW skid plates, A-arm guards and Trailing arm guards for the ultimate UHMW RZR Pro protection package.
**Complete set of 2 Sliders** (1 pair)
** Does Not work with OEM nerf bars **

What is UHMW ?

UHMW means: Ultra High Molecular Weight, Ultimately it’s a density measurement. During its manufacturing process, the molecules of this plastic is compacted as densely and close together as possible. UHMW is roughly 100x times denser than HMW, and exponentially denser than ABS or other common plastics. Our UHMW is partially made from Recycled UHMW materials, making the constancy more rigid and impact absorbent then that of just fresh new plastic, allowing the perfect amount of limited flexing capability needed to endure impacts. Our UHMW has a very low Friction coefficient, meaning its very slippery in rough conditions, up there with Teflon and other abrasion resistant materials, but it has the impact resistance and density to back it up and withstand some of the harshest environments you can throw at it.
Using materials Lab tested and engineered to be the best for this application, paired with our engineers methodically designing the most secure mounting possible for just about every major UTV model. Our production team heat forming and hand finishing each product before it goes out, all our products being constructed in House and Made in the USA. Proving its durability through real world race hardened product testing with our FUTV army sponsorship program and affiliates, helping support racers and teams putting our skid plates through the ultimate test. resulting in the top 5 winning positions of almost every major yearly UTV, ultra 4 and off-road event.
If it’s ½” inch or 3/8” inch thick, our UHMW skid Plates have what it takes to help protect your ride through just about anything.

2020 king of the hammers review with a handful of our sponsored Racers,
Featuring Mitch Guthrie in his Factory UTV protected Pro XP.