Factory UTV Polaris RZR Pro XP “Above The Roof” Dual Clamp Spare Tire Mount

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Polaris RZR Pro XP “Above The Roof” Dual Clamp Spare Tire Mount.
Fits: Pro XP, LE, Premium, Ultimate, & Sport models
*( Does not fit 4 seat models )

Bed clearance: 29 1/2″


*Fits front tire and wheel. Let us know if you have an aftermarket wheel so we can build you the correct mount.*


Aftermarket Wheel :

Follow The Measurement Instructions Here:
** Link to aftermarket spare tire measurement image **

*A Physical Spare Tire Measurement Is Required*

Please include physical measurement below.
– Wheel and tire must be installed before measuring.
– Not the same as wheel manufactures “Offset” or Tire sizes.

( A blank entry will default to a stock spare tire mount. )

Polaris RZR Pro XP “Above The Roof” Dual Clamp Spare Tire Mount

Polaris RZR Pro XP “Above The Roof” Dual Clamp Spare Tire Mount.
Fits: Pro XP, Pro XP LE, Pro XP Premium, Pro XP Ultimate, Pro XP Sport
*( Does not fit 4 seat models )


Bed clearance: 29 1/2″

This Dual Mount spare tire carrier allows you to easily mount a spare tire to your roll cage. The dual clamp kit is extra strong and allows positioning of the rear tire, while also allowing 29 vertical inches of storage clearance. Built from thick .120″ wall Steel tubing and powder-coated for a tough beautiful finish. This dual clamp mount allows you to carry a spare tire and maintain your bed storage space for Ice chest, tools and provides as a ample platform for other mounted whips and accessories.  Don’t get stranded out on the trail, carry a spare tire!

**Does not include wheel lug nuts**

**All spare tire mounts are built for stock front tire and wheel offset. Please let us know if you have an aftermarket wheel or an oversize tire so we can build you the correct mount.**
For UTV’s with different front and rear wheel offsets, the front wheel acts as a “universal spare”, since it can be mounted in either the front or rear position of the UTV to get you back on tack safely. Mounting a Rear “larger” offset wheel if needed in the font position of the vehicle, can cause the steering to veer in that direction making it difficult to drive safely.

Factory UTV Uses Quality Steel and Aluminum for all of our metal products.
Our metal products are made in USA, fabricated in house with the utmost quality and powder coated for a durable finish.
between using the latest innovative techniques with proven and time tested practices, our Fabrication specialists take a great deal of pride in there work, offering the best product we can to the customer. Using the correct and some times over gauged materials to ensure durability, we offer a quality product that surpasses the expectations of stock and other aftermarket accessories, setting a quality standard and level of workmanship unsurpassed by OEM and other aftermarket manufactures
Our Fabricators and engineers also like to Ride UTV’s personally, they like to test the limits of these Vehicles, as such they create and fabricate with the end user in mind, as if it was there kid, neighbor, or riding buddy using the products out on the trail. giving each metal product that we produce a level of personal assurance that it will perform to its expectations as well as exceed them.

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