Misfit Garage Polaris RZR Pro R / Turbo R Billet Lower Shock Forks

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These are our billet lower shock forks for the RZR Pro R & Turbo R Models!

Sold in PAIRS.

  • These are machined from one solid piece 7075 aircraft grade aluminum. 6 times stronger than the cast OEM product. 

  • Helps align spring cup for easy spring installation.

  • Uses the stock spring cup. 

  • Also included are new upper & lower shock bolts with the correct length shanks, replacing the incorrect stock ones!! 
  • We are only replacing the shock fork and not the rubber bumpers like others do. We also are not causing you to lose some of your shocks travel and full use of the shocks internal bump zone, like some other shock forks.

All products are made in the USA and checked in house for quality control!!


Typical lead time is 3 days.