Polaris General 1000 / Max Ground Clearance +2 Forward A Arm Kit / by Zbroz

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Zbroz Racing Max Ground Clearance +2" Forward A-Arm kit allows the mounting of 30"-32" tall tires without modification. Simply bolt on more ground clearance, durability and extends your wheel base by 2" forward. Exactly what you need for racing or serious trail adventures where a larger tire is king. This kit includes all four a-arms to replace your stock weak A-Arms. Powder-coated to your choice of color or left raw at your request. These arms are easily installed in your driveway or garage.

Available Colors: Black, RZR Red, White, Orange Madness, and Voodoo Blue


  • General 1000 (2014-2020)
  • General 4 1000 (2014-2020)