PRP 5.3×2 Custom Harness

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  • 5 Point Harness, 3″ lap belts with 2″ shoulder belts
  • SFI 16.1 Certified
  • All Black Hardware

Customizable options:

  • Roller Adjusters on the lap belts
  • EZ Adjusters on the lap belts
  • Pull Up EZ Adjusters on the lap belts
  • Removable Shoulder Pads or Sewn-in Pads


This 3” lap, 2″ shoulder, 5 point harness gives you the secure feeling you want, with added comfort for those long rides off-road.



  • Bolt in Tabs – The traditional tabs found on most harnesses. Can be bolted to the appropriate mounting location in your vehicle.
  • Clip in Tabs – Make it quicker and easier to remove the harness for cleaning, or to access a battery. All the tabs on these harnesses can be removed and switched out with Clip in Tabs, you just need to purchase them separately here.


  • Roller Adjuster – The traditional lap belt adjuster found on most harnesses. Can sometimes be difficult to use if it gets dirty.
  • EZ-Adjuster – PRP’s new and improved style of adjuster. The EZ’s allow you to easily tighten and loosen the belts, even if they are dirty or muddy. These come standard on all the shoulder belts, but now you can add them onto the lap belts as well!
  • Pull-up EZ Adjuster – Rather than the traditional pull-down laps belts, with these belts you pull-up the straps towards your chest. It’s easier to get the belts extra tight if there’s not a lot of room in the cab. The 3 bar adjusters on the each end also allow you to change the spacing of the EZ Adjusters to account for larger or small riders.
  • Ratchet Adjuster – Allows you to get your lap belts as tight as possible. Great for those who are racing at high speeds. Mount the ratchet mechanism side of the lap belt next to the door, and your crew can tighten it down with the supplied ratchet.

Shoulder Pads

  • Removable Shoulder Pads – Having this feature allows for versatility for when you want comfort or when you’re racing. Keeps the pads on for recreational driving to protect your neck from chafing against the belts. Then when your racing – simply remove the pads and the straps can be secured into your HANS neck restraint device device. It works perfectly for any setup!
  • Sewn-in Pads –  Standard sewn-in pads, provides comfort and stops chaffing.


Proper installation and consistent use of the 5 point harness restraint system is critical to your safety in event of accident.  To reduce risk of serious injury or death:

  • Follow vehicle manufacturers, and PRP Seats instructions and safety messages during installation and use of this product.
  • Use all belts provided. Secure lap belt first; low and snug across hips. Sternum strap tight at chest line (min. 4” below neck). Adjust remaining straps per instructions and confirm fitment restrains user & provides safe clearance from wheel, dash, roll cage, etc.
  • Inspect all components of the 5 point harness restraint system regularly & replace as indicated by accident, wear or abrasion. Replace no later than 2 years from date on SFI tag, or purchase. 
  • This competition restraint system intended for UTV or other off-road vehicle-not replacement for FMVSS 209 restraints. Never use with child car seats or boosters.
WEIGHT 7 lbs
DIMENSIONS 15 × 11 × 5 in

Classic, Sewn Together, Removeable Pads


EZ Adjusters, Pull-up EZ Adjusters, Ratcheting Lap Belt, Roller Adjusters