RockPeak UTV RZR XP Turbo - Turbo S - Pro XP Gear Reduction Package for 33"-35" Tires

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This is by far our most commonly requested gear set so we decided to make a package kit out of it.  You may have heard of this kit referred to as the "Ranger Low and Ace 325" gear kit.  In the kit we also include the Sandcraft HD Bearing retainer plate. The bearing plate is a must upgrade item while you have the transmission apart for the gear install.

The two and four seat model Turbo RZR models come from the factory with different High and Reverse gearing so this kit provides a different reduction for two seaters vs four seaters in High and Reverse.  The overall reduction for Low gear is ~53% for both two and four seaters.  This reduction is ideal for riders wanting a better crawl ratio when running 33"-35" tires.  If you have ever been in a steep rock obstacle section of trail and either slipped your belt or had to give it too much throttle to get the clutch to lock up only to have your machine surge over an obstacle forcing you to jump back on your brake pedal, this is the cure.


Two Seater Reduction:
Net reduction: 53.67% Low : 26.54% H & R

Four Seater Reduction:
Net reduction: 53.48% Low : 12.69% H & R


Included in the Base kit:
1x PN#: 3235450 Genuine Polaris 48T Stage 2 Gear
1x PN#: 3235451 Genuine Polaris 25T Reverse Gear Shaft
1x PN#: 3235232 Genuine Polaris 67T Low Gear
1x PN#: 3236132 Genuine Polaris 25T Low Gear
1x PN#: 12160006 Sandcraft Extreme HD 6 Bolt Bearing retainer 


For higher mileage machines and added piece of mind consider replacing the bearings and seals in your transmission while you have it apart with a Sandcraft seal kit or seals and bearings.

Base Kit Plus Trans Seals:

Includes all items in the Base Kit plus trans seals

Base Kit Plus Trans Seals and Bearings:

 Includes all items in the Base Kit plus trans seals and Sandcraft SKF Trans Bearings



2016-2021 RZR XP Turbo 2 Seat

2016-2021 RZR XP Turbo 4 Seat

2018-2021 RZR XP Turbo S 2 Seat

2018-2021 RZR XP Turbo S 4 Seat

2020-2023 RZR PRO XP

202-2023 RZR PRO XP 4

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