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The tall cap by Valor Offroad offers our customers with larger vehicle hubs a great high clearance solution. All Valor Wheels center caps protects your hub from dirt and debris while adding offroad styling to any of our UTV wheel styles. All caps come with two (2) 18mm screws.


We recommend upgrading your stock shorty caps if you plan to run Valor Offroad wheels on any of the models listed below:

Polaris: Sportsman 570, Ranger

Can-Am: Defender

Kawasaki: KRX

Yamaha: Viking, Wolverine

Wheel Reference

Wheel Wheel Finish Cap Finish
V01 Gloss Black Gloss Black
V02 Satin Black Satin Black
V03 Gloss Black Gloss Black
V04 Satin Black Satin Black
V05 Satin Black Satin Black
V06  Brushed Gunmetal Gloss Black
V06 Gloss Black Gloss Black
V06 Satin Black Satin Black